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How to Differentiate between a Readymade and Bespoke Waist Trainer?

November 19 2021

How to Differentiate between a Readymade and Bespoke Waist Trainer?

How to Differentiate between a Readymade and Bespoke Waist Trainer?

Today, there are so many corset dealers who claim to sell corsets that are ready-to-wear and can offer the right results. But on the contrary, many experts debate that a ready-to-wear corset cannot offer the same results that a bespoke corset can, especially when it is in a waist training corset.

A lot of women get confused between a corset and a waist training corset. Hence, it is first important to remove this confusion.

How to Differentiate Corset from Waist Training Corset?

A usual corset is made up of fewer bones, such as 14 numbers or so. They are made to offer you an hourglass look as soon as you wear them. Still, they are not usually for waist training purposes, that is, for achieving a permanent reduction in your waist size. Of course, if you are rigorously wearing the corset for 10 - 12 hours a day, you may realize some changes in your waist.

 But if you actually wish to have a permanent change in your waist, you need to go for the waist training corsets. These corsets have more bones, such as around 24 bones. Due to the higher number of bones, these exert much higher pressure on the waist area and can offer you a permanent result if you are wearing them in the right way.

If you are wearing the waist training corset religiously and still you are not attaining the desired result, one of the major reasons is that you are not wearing the right size. This is the reason many of the experts say that only a bespoke corset that is made as per your dimensions is fruitful in offering you the desired results in the long run.

Now again, some dealers may claim to make changes in the corset as per your requirement, but these are not bespoke corsets. If you are someone new to corsetry, you may get confused among these options. Hence, you should know how to differentiate a ready-to-wear corset from a bespoke corset.

How to Differentiate between a Ready-to-wear and a Bespoke Waist Trainer?

If you are confused and wish to different a ready-to-wear and a bespoke waist trainer, follow these tricks carefully.

●     The Size Variations:

Waist trainers are not any random clothing that can be available in Small, Medium, and Large. There are so many corset manufacturers who offer such a sizing chart, even for waist trainers. A waist training corset can work on your body only when it fits your body inch by inch. A bespoke waist trainer will be available in inches such as 28”, 29”, 30”, and so on. This is crucial because, as per the corsetry rules, you need to buy a corset that is at least 3-4 inches smaller than your natural waist size if you really wish to see results coming in a few months.

●     The Measurements:

If the dealer or the corset offers you the option of customizing the corset, check out the measurements that it is asking for. In the case of a bespoke waist trainer, the experts will ask for several measurements such as the bust area, the underbust area, the natural waist size, the upper hip area, the full hip area, the torso area, and so on. Moreover, there will be a detailed inquiry of your dimensions so that the expert can manufacture the waist trainer so that it fits your body perfectly. Suppose you are buying the waist trainer from a proper place such as Bunny Corset. In that case, the experts will also ask for many other details such as your experience level and your primary use to understand your needs well and customize the corset accordingly. On the contrary, if there is no such detailing, you can safely understand that you will not get a bespoke waist trainer.

●     The Fit:

Now, suppose if you have already got the waist trainer delivered. So, how will you realize whether it is a ready-to-wear waist trainer or a bespoke waist trainer?  One of the major ways to find out this is the fit of the corset. If the corset sits on your body perfectly, hugging you completely, this is a bespoke corset. Also, as you breakthrough in the corset in a few hours, you will feel super comfortable in it. But suppose it is not a bespoke waist trainer. In that case, it may not fit your body completely, and even you may keep feeling uncomfortable even when you have been wearing the corset throughout the day.

One of the major reasons you cannot gain any positive results from your waist trainer is that it is not as per your size and dimensions.  You will need a bespoke waist trainer for this purpose. Just know to identify between a ready-to-wear and a bespoke waist trainer to get the right one and get better results.

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