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How to Breathe Comfortably in a Corset?

November 26 2021

How to Breathe Comfortably in a Corset?

How to Breathe Comfortably in a Corset?

There are so many blogs on the internet about how corsets can suffocate you and can make you faint. Even there are many instances where women wearing corsets have fainted. 

But it is always a wrong idea to believe on one side of the story. If corsets had been this bad, it would have hurt the Victorian women, too, who used to wear corsets for long hours and regularly. 

If you go back to the Victorian Age, you will find that the women at that time wore corsets for the whole day and did chores with the corsets on. They rose bicycles, played cricket, and did so many other things wearing a corset and that too quite comfortably. 

So, it is not the corset that hurts you. It is the wrong way of wearing a corset that hurts you. 

Corsetry is not like wearing any random clothing around you. You need to know the art properly so that you can make use of it properly. 

If you are new to corsets and you are about to try out the waist training corset without any problem in breathing, here are some of the tips that you should definitely follow.

The Right Way of Wearing the Corset:

Often, many women do not wear the corsets correctly, which leads to difficulty breathing. There are some basic rules while you are wearing a corset.


  • You should not try to lace the corset on your own. Ask someone to lace the corset for you.
  • The laces should not be laced from one end to another. You should start lacing from both ends at the same time and meet up at the center.
  • You should not tighten the laces too hard at the starting itself. Give your body some time to adjust to the corset before tightening the lace. It is an ideal way to tighten the laces bit by bit every 3-4 hours throughout the day.
  • Most importantly, you should hold the corset tightly from the bottom when someone is lacing the corset at the back. The corset should stay on your waist and abdomen. If it moves upward towards your chest area, where the lungs are located, breathing can cause difficulty. Hence, grab the corset tightly at the bottom to stay in place and not move upwards.

Breathe Through the Lungs:

It is obvious that the lungs are the organ that helps you breathe, but the diaphragm has a major role in letting the lungs breathe properly. It is just below the lungs and is protected by the ribcage. When you take a deep breath, the ribcage and the muscles expand so that the diaphragm can let the lungs feel in the air. Again when you breathe out, the opposite happens.


But when you are wearing a corset, the corset does not allow the ribcage to expand. Does that mean you cannot breathe properly?

Most of the time, you make use of your abdomen area to suck in air to breathe. You can also use your chest muscles to fill in the air, too, maximum of the times you do not do. Most people use the chest muscles for breathing only when they are running or doing some such activities.

When you are wearing a corset and the abdomen is restricted, you need to practicing breathing using your chest muscles. Once you have mastered it, you can easily breathe comfortably, even in a super tight corset.

Take a Pause:

Often many of the women forget to breathe while wearing a corset. This is the major reason why they might start feeling uncomfortable. 

Let us take the example of swimming. When you are under the water, you don’t breathe. But you cannot swim continuously without breathing at all. So, you come to the surface from time to time to breathe in some fresh air and then go back to swimming. 

You need to do the same thing with the corsets too. 

After every half an hour or an hour, take a few deep breaths so that you can fill in some good amount of air in the lungs and can compensate for the few breaths that you might have missed out. 

Breathing in a super tight corset can get difficult, but it is not impossible. Suppose you are aware of how to breathe while wearing a corset. In that case, you can comfortably put on the corset throughout the day without feeling a single issue, such as feeling uncomfortable or so. Most of the women who faint are not acquainted with the art of wearing or managing a corset properly. Suppose you are following the ways mentioned earlier. In that case, you will surely carry on the corset throughout the day in the same way how the Victorian women did in their times.

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