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Bunny Corsets is your spot of shopping the highest quality and most stylish bespoke corsets! At Bunny Corsets, we are proud and thrilled to offer you a wide and varied selection of the most beautiful corsets available anywhere. Each of our magnificent corset creations is handmade to fit your body perfectly and provide that iconic hourglass figure that everyone’s desires. No matter where you are headed, Bunny Corset has the perfect attire to give you that elegant and individually you look! Best of all, our handcrafted corsets are extremely affordable allowing you to own exceptionally designed and created corsets for every occasion imaginable.  


  • How to Season/Break in a Corset?

    How to Season/Break in a Corset?

    So, you have got your very first corset and you are excited about wearing it? Right after unwrapping it, you might want to try the corset. Well, the first thing to do would be to break in the corset. Corsets are incredibly popular these days as most women and some men have filled their wardrobes with this garment. Corsets are incredibly useful...

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  • Corset Care: Cleaning, Storing & Corset Maintenance

    Corset Care: Cleaning, Storing & Corset Maintenance

    When you buy a house and start living in it, do you keep the house clean and well-maintained or do you just let it be? Do you allow the dust to gather across the windows and do you let the insects and rodents invade the space? Do you let the place become dirty? You don’t, right? Let us give you...

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  • Corset Back Fat: Best Practices To Hide Back Fat

    Corset Back Fat: Best Practices To Hide Back Fat

    Corsets have been considered to be one of the most popular garments of today’s fashion era. These amazing pieces of clothing have been designed in such a way as to provide the perfect, curvy, and feminine figure. If you start your waist training program today, you will also be able to have an exaggerated and hourglass shape in your body...

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