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Bunny Corsets is your spot of shopping the highest quality and most stylish bespoke corsets! At Bunny Corsets, we are proud and thrilled to offer you a wide and varied selection of the most beautiful corsets available anywhere. Each of our magnificent corset creations is handmade to fit your body perfectly and provide that iconic hourglass figure that everyone’s desires. No matter where you are headed, Bunny Corset has the perfect attire to give you that elegant and individually you look! Best of all, our handcrafted corsets are extremely affordable allowing you to own exceptionally designed and created corsets for every occasion imaginable.  


  • What’s the Difference Between a Corset and a Bustier?

    What’s the Difference Between a Corset and a Bustier?

    Ever since the corsets have made a comeback into the fashion scene, people cannot stop gushing over the fact that this historic piece of clothing is here to stay. A corset is somewhat of a restrictive piece of clothing that has been specifically designed to reduce the waistline of the women as well as emphasise their curves in the best way. You...

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  • The Many Uses of Corsets

    The Many Uses of Corsets

    There are some garments that tend to serve the proper purpose for which they have been designed. For example, gloves have been created to keep the hands warm during colder times, which they do splendidly. However, there are some other pieces of clothing that tend to be useful for many different reasons. For example, pants not only are stretched to...

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  • Can I Ride a Bike/Cycling wearing a Corset?

    Can I Ride a Bike/Cycling wearing a Corset?

    It might be a beautiful day for cycling or a bike ride to your favorite destination, but you might not want to go because it will interrupt your waist training session. So, what do you do in that case? This is a very common question that women tend to have. Think that wearing an under the dress corset will make it inappropriate...

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