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How to Train Your Waist Comfortably?

November 15 2021

How to Train Your Waist Comfortably?

How to Train Your Waist Comfortably?

Waist training corsets have become a great hope for those women who wish to reduce their waist size without exercising. But there are many of these women who start the training but cannot continue with it. There can be several reasons for it. One of the major reasons is that they are not comfortable wearing waist training corset. 

If you are among such women who have left training your waist using a corset only due to discomfort, there can be many reasons for it. Here are some of the ways how you can comfortably use your waist training corset.

Find the Right Size and Type:

One of the major problems is finding the right type and size of corset. Often when you are not wearing the right type and size of corset, you will feel uncomfortable. The corset should be of a size that is just 2 to 3 inches lesser than the actual size of your waist. If you are wearing a bigger size, it will not work on your waist. On the other hand, if you are getting a smaller size, it will cause you discomfort. The best way is to get a customized corset from the right place, such as Bunny Corset.

Similarly, it would help if you also got the right corset type to wear the corset throughout the day comfortably. If you have a smaller torso, do not even think of wearing a longline corset as it will make you uncomfortable by hurting you on the hipline while you are sitting. Similarly, if you have heavier busts, you should go for the overbust corsets to support your busts while training your waist. Bunny Corset definitely will help you in getting the right size and type with confidence.

Seasoning the Corset:

One of the major mistakes that many women make is not seasoning the corset before wearing it with tight lacing. When the steel bones are not seasoned well with your body structure, they will exert excess pressure on your rib cage if you have started tightening the laces since the start.

Hence, seasoning your corset is the most important thing you should do if you train your waist. First, you should tighten the laces only that much in which you are comfortable. As you start getting comfortable in it, you can tighten the corset's laces conveniently.

Wearing the Corset Throughout the Day:

If you wish to get results soon enough, you should make sure to wear the waist training corset throughout the day at least for 9 to 10 hours. Of course, you won't be able to do it on the first day. So, start by wearing the corset for the period in which you are comfortable. Keep on gradually increasing the period each passing day.

Wearing the Corset in the Right Way:

Also, some so many people are not aware of wearing the corset in the right way, due to which they feel extremely uncomfortable. Here are some of the important tips on how to wear the corset in the right way. 

  • Always open the corset from all the opening sides and then put it on.
  • Let someone else tighten the laces at your back.
  • While you are tightening the laces, make sure that you start from the top and the bottom at the same time and meet up at the centre.
  • While someone else is lacing your corset, hold the corset from the bottom edge firmly so that the corset does not move towards your lungs, else this can cause discomfort again.
  • Wear a liner under your corset for extra comfort.

Follow Some Don'ts:

There are some very crucial activities that you should not do while you are training your waist. Follow these tips to avoid discomfort while waist training.

  • Always tighten the laces to the extent to which you are comfortable wearing the corset.
  • Take a short break every 2 to 3 hours by slightly loosening the laces for 5 minutes or so.
  • It would help if you never slept wearing the corset as the steel bones can hurt you while you are sleeping. Also, when you forcefully make movements in the corset, it can damage the corset.
  • Apart from sleeping, you should also not wear a corset while doing different exercises. Corsets are there to restrict your movements. But when you are exercising with the corsets on, it can hurt you and the corsets.


Take Care of Your Health:

If you wish to train your waist comfortably, you must take care of your health also. The waist training process will lead to excessive sweating. Hence, it would help if you stayed hydrated by consuming a good amount of water and other drinks at regular intervals.

Many women leave the idea of waist training because they do not find it comfortable. It is only because they do not follow the basic rules of corsetry. Following the above tips can surely help you in comfortably training your waist.

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