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What to do with the Extra Lace Length after Lacing?

December 03 2021

What to do with the Extra Lace Length after Lacing?

What to do with the Extra Lace Length after Lacing?

As you start tightening the corset harder each day, you will find that the leftover lace length after lacing increases. Also, as your waist starts getting smaller, the lace length starts increasing, and you need to think about it.

Initially, you may try out making a huge bow of the lace. But this may start not solving the problem after some time. What to do after you found out that you cannot manage the extra leftover lace length after lacing?

Here are some of the ideas that you can bring into use to get the problem solved.

Try Double or Triple Knots:

You must have tried tying double knots in your shoes during your school days. Often when you used to have a bigger lace, you ended up tying double knots so that the lace's ends do not float on the floor.

Also, when you saw that the tie is quite long, you must have tried tying a double or even a triple knot for your tie.

So, when you can do it for your shoelaces and your tie, you can always do it for your corset lacing too. Make double or triple bow knots with the extra laces to not stay loose after the lacing is done.

Wrap Around the Waist:

There are some times when you might have a big enough lace length left that you can easily wrap around your waist. Well, when you have this amount of lace, you can try this idea out too.

There are two excellent options that you can try out here.

If it is a coloured lace that can match up with the fabric colour of the corset, you can bring the lace in front and get a bow knot at the front to get a new look.

If the lace is still long enough, then you can wrap it around your waist and then bring them again together at the back to tie a knot.

In both cases, you can have a different look at the corset. Of course, when you are stealthing with the corset, you do not have to think much about the looks. But if you are wearing the corset over your dress, make sure that you have proper laces if you are trying such tricks.

Try Braids and Twists:

If you wish to have a different look with your leftover laces after lacing the corset, there are several other ways to try it out. If you have some extra time in hand, you can try out making braids of the laces. Make the braids properly, and then tuck up on the top of your corset. Of course, doing so will not be possible alone. Hence, you will require the help of someone who can make the braids at the back of your corset. 

If you do not have anyone to help with lacing and have to do it alone, you can try twisting. Twist the leftover laces together and then tuck them on the top of the corset. You can also twist the laces and wrap them around your waist and tuck it on your waist only where the lace is ending.

Cutting the Laces:

This is the least expected thing that one can do. If you have been waist training for a long time and the lace has gone old, you can surely cut the laces short to not have to deal with the extra laces after lacing the corset each time. But most of the times, cutting the laces is not recommended due to several reasons.

  • If you start cutting all your laces, you may not have a single proper lace when you need the big length lace after some time.
  • You may leave waist training for some time due to some reason, and then again, you wish to return to it after some time. This is when you will regret cutting your laces.
  • Doing different styling with lacing is very much in fashion. There are several types and designs of laces available to try different options with the leftover laces. You might have to end up buying another pair of laces for such styling later on because you have cut down the laces that you already had.

Several women who have been waist training for a pretty long time face this problem of struggling with the leftover laces after lacing up the corset. When you are stealthing with the corset, you may not have to think much about it as you may tuck the extra lace in your dress. But when you are wearing the corset over your dress, then comes the issue. There are several ideas that you can imply as given above.

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