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Stomach Pain After Waist Training: Is This Normal?

August 04 2023

Stomach Pain After Waist Training: Is This Normal?

Stomach Pain After Waist Training: Is This Normal?

Whether you wish to return back to your original shape after your pregnancy or you wish to usually correct your waist size, a waist trainer is known to be one of the most convenient methods in this regard. While wearing a corset every day can offer noticeable changes in your waist as well as in your belly area, a lot of women also face issues such as stomach pain afterward.  

Experts have notified that suffering from mild cramps or stomach pain while using a waist training corset is normal because of various reasons. 


Adjusting of Internal Organs

A corset can only work when wearing it as tight as possible around your waist. But when you do so, it exerts pressure on your skin and muscles and your internal organs. The internal organs adjust themselves so that your waist can get smaller in shape. In doing so, you may feel cramps in your groin area sometimes which should good away with time if you are training your waist regularly and in the proper way. 


Acid Reflux

Corsets are known to reduce your weight by reducing your eating capacity too. The waist cincher that you are wearing compresses your internal stomach so that it does not have much space for your regular dose of food. So, when you try to intake more food than what can fit in your compressed stomach, it will cause situations such as acid reflux. You can feel stomach pain and heartburn in such a case too. 


Muscle Cramp

Sometimes the pain is not internal but a muscle cramp. Women who are extremely in a state of a hurry for waist shaping often start wearing corsets in the wrong way and this can arise situations like muscle cramps. 


How to prevent stomach pain after waist training?

While stomach pain after wearing waist cinchers is pretty normal, it can also get complicated. Hence, it is always better to prevent such pain. Here are some essential tips that can help you in preventing such pain while shaping your waist.


  • Go Slow:

It is quite obvious that you are going through a lot in your postpartum period. This is the time a lot of women make the wrong decision of wearing corsets in the wrong way in the urge of getting rid of the postpartum belly fat faster. The folded muscles under the belt will cause muscle cramps very often. Hence, the mantra is to go slow. You need to tighten the corset post pregnancy belt around your waist gradually. It may take some time but if you are consistent in your training, you will surely achieve your pre-pregnancy body once again. 

  • Maintain Diet:

Many women consider waist training for weight loss but may leave it in between because they start facing issues of acid reflux. Whether trying to lose weight through extreme workouts or wearing waist trainers, you can only succeed when you are maintaining your diet. The waist trainer is doing its work of compressing your stomach so that you eat less. But when you eat more than what is necessary or are intaking unhealthy diets, it will lead to acid reflux. So, when you are trying to lose weight, it is necessary that you maintain your diet also along with regularly training your waist. 

  • Everyone’s Shape is Different:

While corsets assure to offer you an hourglass shape, you should not forget that everyone has got a natural shape on their own. While some waist shapes are such that can be easily molded into an hourglass figure, there are some others that are extremely different than an hourglass shape. This is one of the major reasons why you need to choose your corset according to your body shape. Hourglass corset is perfect for those who are gifted with natural curves. So, you need to choose from various styles such as hourglass, waspie, conical, and many others according to your natural body shape to avoid any discomfort. 


Apart from these eminent points, it is also essential that you shop at a good place in order to get products that are comfortable to wear. One such place of Bunny Corset where you do not just get various styles to choose from but also various fabrics sizes that can fit you appropriately. 


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