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Purchasing a Pre-Owned Corset: Is It a Viable and Sensible Option?

September 16 2023

Purchasing a Pre-Owned Corset: Is It a Viable and Sensible Option?

Purchasing a Pre-Owned Corset: Is It a Viable and Sensible Option?

We live in a world of fashion and there are trends coming and going out of the world as we speak. So, during these times, it is very rare to find a piece of clothing that will have sentimental value to people. On that note, we can also say that it is next to impossible to find something that has been passed down to people after generations, especially when it comes to clothing. But what if we told you that this was the case with corsets in the past? Yes, these amazing garments were not only a popular choice amongst the women but they were also considered to be heirlooms that mothers passed on to their daughters. 
People used to gift each other corsets on very special occasions as well such as their wedding nights and more. All of these instances are basically proof of the charm and popularity of corsets in the first place. Not to mention that people used to take care of their expensive corsets very much so that their future generations would be able to use them without any problems at all. While the idea of wearing a pre-owned waist training corset might gross out people today, it was a very valuable experience for people who were into corsetry in the past. And there are a lot of reasons behind that, some of which we are going to explore right here. 
The Sentimental Value of Corset
Corsets and corset dresses from the past were more than just clothes; they were like special treasures. They connected generations of women and had stories behind them. Moms used to give their corsets to their daughters, creating a tradition. These corsets were a symbol of love and shared experiences, carrying memories of those who wore them. Husbands even gave corsets as gifts, making them emotionally important.
This strong emotional attachment is why some women still like wearing a used corset today. And there is simply nothing wrong with it for sure. To be honest, sometimes, it feels good to be a part of something that was so important in the past. By wearing pre-owned corsets, one can actually feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. It is not just about the fashion but the feelings behind that fashion as well. 
Modern Corsetry: A New Way of Thinking
Nowadays, wearing used clothing might make you worry about cleanliness, but corsets are different. Most women who wear pre-owned corsets take steps to keep them clean. They often wear them over shirts or a cotton layer to protect against dirt or sweat. This not only keeps the waist reducing corset clean but also makes it more comfortable to wear.

 Why Choose a Pre-owned Corset

 Even though you can buy new corsets, some women prefer pre-owned ones for   these reasons:
  1. Great for Beginners: Starting with a new steel boned corset can be tough. It takes time to make it comfortable for extended wear. Beginners might struggle with the stiffness and give up. Pre-owned corsets are already broken in and fit your body better, making them a good choice for beginners.
  2. More Comfort: Corsets that are used are more comfortable than new ones. The steel bones in the corset adapt to your body over time. With a pre-owned corset, you get a comfy fit right away, which is great for wearing it all day.
  3. Affordable: New corsets can be expensive. Pre-owned ones are usually much cheaper, so you can grow your collection without spending too much. If you are on the lookout for amazing cotton corset designs, mesh ones or leather ones, there is one place that you can find them. Bunny Corset has amazing options for you. 

 Tips for Buying a Pre-owned Corset

 While there are good reasons to get a pre-owned corset, it's important to choose   wisely. Here are some tips:
  1. Look at the Fabric: Check the fabric for signs of wear. Pre-owned corsets should not look brand new; some wrinkles are normal. If you see that the fabric has been worn off, it might not be the right choice for you. One of the first things that you need to do is check the fabric if you want to make the right choice. 
  2. Check the Steel Bones: Over time, the bones can bend a little, but make sure they're not seriously damaged. When it comes to waist cinchers or corsets, the steel boning is something that is really important. So, you need to make sure that the bones are not that bent. This way, the pre-owned corset will be able to provide you with the best support. 
  3. Grommet Placement: Grommets may have shifted a bit, but it shouldn't affect the corset too much. If you see that the grommets have shifted more than a normal amount, there is no doubt that you shouldn’t be choosing that corset in the first place. Whether it is an overbust corset or an Underbust one, choosing the one with proper grommets is the best idea. 
  4. Find the Right Fit: Look for an overbust or Underbust corset that was worn by someone with a similar body shape and size. When it comes to corsets, you don’t want to get the size wrong in any way. The last thing you want is a second-hand corset that doesn’t fit you properly. So, you always need to keep this in mind. 
  5. Check for Stretching: See how much the corset has stretched. If it's stretched a lot, it may not give the support you want. Support is extremely essential when it comes to buying corsets. So, go ahead and pick one that is not stretched out that much. 
  6. Previous Usage: Choose a corset that was worn only a few times by the previous owner to avoid lots of cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to options such as a cotton corset or a mesh corset, you need to be careful of the usage.
While it's usually best to season and wear your own new Bunny corset, pre-owned corsets have their own unique advantages. Their sentimental value, comfort, and affordability make them a good choice for some people. But be sure to pick one that suits your needs by following these tips and considering your preferences. Enjoy the charm of pre-owned corsets with confidence. 

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