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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Corsetry!

March 11 2022

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Corsetry!

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Corsetry!

It is a saying that way back in the Victorian Ages; women went under the knife to remove their floating rib. They did this so that they can tighten their corsets even tighter to attain an even smaller waist. 

We are not sure how much this fact is true, but surely such things do not happen today. 

While the fact getting the floating rib removed by the Victorian women is not proven, one thing that is proven that cosmetic surgery is an old art. People went under the knife for ages to look beautiful and get the desired look. 

Today, there are several options available to get a complete transformation of his or her features. Most celebrities go for several surgeries to correct their facial features, breast sizes, and others.

So, what is the connection of cosmetic surgery with the corsets here? 

Many women believe in using the corsets rather than going for several cosmetic treatments in many cases.

Smaller Waist:

This is the latest trend that women are going crazy for. This is the same trend that was there centuries ago. Women wish to have an hourglass waist size that would make their figure look perfect. Many women maintain a strict diet and exercise tremendously to attain a perfect figure that they show off. 

But many women do not have the patience to diet or exercise. Hence, they go under the knife to remove the extra fat of their waist and belly area to have a smaller waist. Apart from being expensive, of course, this method is painful. Also, you have to take several precautions before and after the surgery. Otherwise, you may end up getting side effects. 

If you do not wish to face this kind of discomfort and pain, another way is to use the corsets. A waist-cinching corset will cinch your waist instantly so that it can look much smaller than your natural waist. Now, you can wear any dress that you wish to flaunt your figure. 

If you wish to gain a permanent result of having a smaller waist, you can use the waist training corsets. If you keep on wearing a proper waist training corset regularly for at least 9 to 10 hours, you will get a permanent result after a couple of weeks.

The Bust Size:

Another most common surgical procedure that many women go for is either breast reduction or breast enhancement. Once again, this surgery can be quite expensive and also painful. In breast reduction, fat from the breast is cut and removed to make it appear smaller. On the contrary, in breast enhancement, fillers are inserted inside the breast to make it look bigger. There are several times when women with fillers in their breasts may have side effects of different types. 

A great way for women who do not wish to go for such surgeries is again the corsets.

●    Underbust Corset:

If you have smaller breasts and wish to enhance their shape and size, the best way is to start wearing an underbust corset. When you wear an underbust corset, it squeezes your belly and waist area, making your other body features such as your breast and your hip bigger. If you are training your waist, your breasts start getting more prominent as your waist size starts getting smaller.

●      Overbust Corset:

Do you wish to get a proper figure, but you are quite unsure of your busts because they are a bit heavy? An overbust corset is a perfect solution for you. As the corset squeezes your waist and belly area, the upper portion of the corset supports your busts well so that they do not look extra big. Many women out there think that the overbust corsets work much better than a bra.

The Hip Size:

Do you have a smaller hip size, and you get embarrassed when you wear jeans and other tight bottoms? Try out corsets before thinking of going under the knife. Like the busts, your hips also start appearing a bit bigger when you wear a corset because your waist gets smaller. Also, when fat and muscles move from your waist and muscle towards your hip, this make them appear bigger.


Thus, there are so many several times when you can select a corset in place of selecting cosmetic surgery. Of course, there are several such times when cosmetic surgery remains the last thought. But if you have not tried anything else to get a smaller waist or enhance your bust and hips, corsets from Bunny Corsets can be one of the options that you should surely try out before risking your life under the knife.

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