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Do Workout Waist Trainers Exist?

March 26 2022

Do Workout Waist Trainers Exist?

Do Workout Waist Trainers Exist?

Recently celebrities such as Jessica Alba were trending wearing a workout waist trainer. Since then, a lot of women started the search for a workout waist trainer. 

But do such a thing as called workout waist trainer exists? 

To be quite honest, there is nothing such thing called a workout waist trainer. But there are several options that you can have to exercise while training your waist.

Exercising with Corset

Usually, exercising is very much possible with corsets. So, how come the term called workout waist trainer came into existence? 

It is unknown that the media offers a platform for many brands to promote their products in different ways. Maybe this was also a media trick to promote a particular option. 

So, is it possible to work out with the corset? 

Here are some of the options using which you can go for workouts and exercises.

●     Waist Cincher:

Usually, waist cinchers are not pure corsets. These cinchers do not have steel boning such as that in a waist training corset. Such cinchers are mainly made up of spandex that you need to wear under your dress. They also help reduce your waist and belly size, but they do not help train your waist. They will help in immediately offer you a slim figure look. Still, it will not bring any permanent difference in the size of your waist.

●     Waspie Corset:

If you are actually looking for a corset for workouts, a waspie corset can still be a bit triable. A waspie corset is useful for women who have a short torso height. But many of the women who even do not have a shorter torso are using waspie corsets these days. This because such corsets offer mobility better than the usual corset. Thus, for some women, the waspie corsets are quite comfortable and helpful in indulging in workouts.

Why Exercising in a Waist Trainer is Not a Good Idea?

Overall, it is known that exercising and working out wearing a waist trainer is not a great idea. But why is it so? There are several reasons for it.

●     Lesser Mobility:

Corsets have to be worn with tight lacing. With each passing day, you need to tighten your lace even more so that the corset can keep exerting equal pressure on your waist. In such a case, the mobility of your body reduces down. Now, this again depends upon the type of corset that you are wearing. If you are wearing a long line corset, it restricts your mobile to a good extent. On the other hand, if you are wearing a waspie corset, you can still get mobility. Whatever it is, when you do not have much mobility, you cannot work out comfortably as this won’t offer you much result and may even hurt you.

●     Damage to the Corset:

Not just wearing a corset and working out can hurt you but also can damage your corset. Suppose you are strong enough and are forcefully trying to exercise wearing your corset. In that case, the forced movements can damage the corset too in different ways.


Thus, looking out at different aspects, working out in waist trainers is not a great idea. There is nothing specific called workout waist trainers.

How to Waist Train Properly?

So, how can you actually train your waist to get proper results? Here are some of the potential options.

●     Diet and Exercise:

The first thing that most people follow is following a strict diet and a proper exercise schedule. Regularly practicing cardio exercising and also including some waist training workouts can help in reducing your waist size. You must eat healthily and continue the workout regularly to get the results. This is also important to know that you cannot expect results in just a month or so. You need to have the patience to get the results.

●     Waist Trainers:

If you have tried exercising and have not got results, trying out waist trainers is another great option. But when you are wearing waist trainers, you should also follow some important habits to actually notice the right results in your figure. One of the most important rules is to wear a waist trainer based on your body type and is of your exact size. Next is that you should wear the waist trainer throughout the day and should only take it out for activities such as sleeping or workouts. You should also make sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy food while the waist trainer is training your waist. 

There are so many myths and misconceptions related to waist trainers. There are no such waist trainer options that are specialized for workouts. If you wish to train your waist, then you should check out at Bunny Corset

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