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Corset Sizing: Should You Choose Longline or Regular

August 06 2022

Corset Sizing: Should You Choose Longline or Regular

Corset Sizing: Should You Choose Longline or Regular

Are you trying to buy a waist training corset for yourself but don’t know what size to choose? Well, size is one of the most important things you must take care of when picking out the right corset. However, you also must pay attention to the length of your corset. This article will provide all the details about corset size and let you know which pick would be perfect according to your body type. 

Whether you choose black or white corsets, you need to make sure that you know what fit would be right for you. This is because the effectiveness of the corset depends on the fit. While it might seem like waist measurement as well as the size of the curvy waist trainer might be enough, the corset length has a very important role as well. Hence, in the present world, women wear the wrong length for their corsets. That is a very discomforting feeling for them; hence, it is important to look at the fit to see the desired results. 

When it comes to getting premium quality corsets, it is important to ensure you get the best value for the money you are spending. Hence, we will talk about it in detail so that people can choose between regular and longline styles. 

Explaining Corset Sizing in Detail 

If you want to make sure that your corset is fitting you properly, you will have to choose a corset with the right size and length. Sizing a corset that can fit your hips, waist, and bust is pretty simple. The one thing that you need to do is make sure that you have the perfect measurements. Also, ensure you don’t breathe in to get some centimeters off. 

The corset has the job for sure. Just get the measurements and enter the details into your device, and you will get your perfect size for the corset. Now comes the tricky part. When choosing Underbust corsets or overbust corsets, you will have to ensure that you have the right length. Now, this is where you need to choose between the two options that we are going to explain here in detail. 

Longline Vs. Regular Corset 

In general terms, for most women, having a longline corset seems pretty appealing. The support for longline corsets is that this type of corset can offer more coverage. If you choose between regular corsets and longline ones, you might lean on the longline option since it will hug your body further down your waist. But that is a very common mistake that most women tend to make. Just because you don’t have a longline fit doesn’t necessarily mean that your corset will fit incorrectly. 

There are two different length patterns that we have decided are best for women. One is the regular corset length, and the other is the longline. While this might be a bit confusing for you initially, it is pretty simple. When trying to choose between a regular and longline corset, the perfect size will come down to your height and how tall you are, to begin with. If you are above 5 feet and 7 inches, a longline pattern is more suitable for your body shape and size. However, if your height is less than 5 feet and 7 inches, you will be better suited with the regular corset. This is true in the case of a Bunny corset or a fan lacing one. 

If you want to be extra sure of whether you are choosing the right corset or not, all you have to do is measure your torso properly. Proper product information is provided for every single product, and you can make your pick by gathering as much information as possible about the corset choice. Just compare the measurements with your torso, and then you will land on the right option. 

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Length For the Corset? 

It is seen that when women don’t have any surety about the size and length that they want for their corset, they tend to choose the longline option. However, there are some disadvantages that one can have when they choose a corset size and length that is not fit for their body. The first problem that we are going to talk about is the proportions. Talking about corsets, they are designed for covering your bust the right way. 

Whether these are bridal corsets or any other type, that is their function. If the corset is longer than you need, your fit will be tight around the bust area. Now that can cause a lot of discomfort around the bust area, which will, in turn, make you uncomfortable. Again, this is because the proportions aren’t right for your body type.

Coming to the second issue, if the corset is too long for your body type, it will sit right over the hip bones. Now that can cause you to feel extreme discomfort when you are trying to bent. You might not even be able to bend properly due to an extra long corset. 

The third and final reason for choosing the right-sized corset is that you will just be uncomfortable if you choose the wrong one. This will not make the experience of wearing the corset enjoyable. Corsets are designed to please the body while reducing the waist size. So, you must have the right waist reduction corset for your body. 


By now, it is pretty clear that the length of the corset is pretty important. Whether you are choosing a fan lacing corset or something else, you need to take some time and ensure that you are selecting one that fits properly according to your body size and shape. 

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