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Corset Front Closures: Look At Different Types Of Front Closures

July 30 2022

Corset Front Closures: Look At Different Types Of Front Closures

Corset Front Closures: Look At Different Types Of Front Closures

Corsets are an incredibly popular piece of clothing for women these days. Celebrities like the Kardashians to regular women like us wear corsets to gain a shapely waist and an hourglass figure. While most women these days wear a waist training corset, other uses make this piece of clothing very popular in the modern society that we live in. So, if you are new to the world of corsets, you need to look out for the best options. 

There are different corsets that can give you the figure and waist you want. But when it comes to choosing the right corset, there are important things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to know about the closures of the corset. Are you choosing a front closure corset or a back closure one? If you choose a front closure waist cincher, this is the right place for you as we will discuss some important front closure designs for corsets. 

Busk Front Closures 

This is one of the most common forms of closures for any type of corset. There are loops on one side of the corset, and there would be knobs or pegs and pins on the other. A proper and rigid bone structure supports this type of waist training corset. There are so many different length choices when it comes to these busk front closures. 

Apart from that, you can also choose from some heavy-duty busks if you are looking out for more diverse options. The bones in this type of corset are very strong to properly support the abdomen in the best way. Also, the busk is very easy to close and open; it just takes seconds. However, if the knob breaks, you might have to replace that one with a new piece. 

 Front Lacing Closures

When it comes to wearing corsets or waist cinchers, most women tend to choose the front lacing options since there are so many different benefits associated with such closures in the first place. For example, wearing a corset with lacing in the front benefits women with weakness in their arms. 

Also, women with inflexible shoulders can benefit from the fact that there are laces in the front that they can adjust properly to their liking. With the front lacing system in the corset, there is no doubt that there will be no trouble loosening the outfit in the best way. So, when you are trying to choose a corset from your collection, this one might be a good idea. 

Zipper Closures 

Some of the most commonly worn corset designs for women are the ones that have a zipper in the front. In the case of a front zipper corset, as the name suggests, there is a front zip that contains metal teeth. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this type of corset is properly made and flanked efficiently using steel bones. So, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of rigidity when women wear such a strong and durable corset type. 

In the case of this corset closure, the zipper can be as strong as the busk. Also, it takes just one second to zip or unzip the corset, making the wearer even more comfortable. One of the most amazing things about the zipper closures is that these are pretty discreet when you wear clothing above them, something that we don’t see in the case of busk closures. However, there days, some corsets have a spiral nylon zipper which isn’t supportive, and hence the fabric sort of wrinkles around in the place of the zipper. So, when choosing a zipper corset, you must consider the zip quality. 

Swing Hooks Closures 

When it comes to swing hooks, they are pretty neat and extremely decorative. However, these closures draw a lot of attention and cannot be hidden when worn under a garment. One might easily be able to use the swing hooks closure to get in and out of the corset in no time. Not to mention that these garments tend to provide incredible functionality to women. However, since it is a high-profile closure, it would be suitable for camouflaging. You might have to wear your corset as outerwear in that case. Some plus-size corsets tend to have swing hooks and are incredibly beautiful to look at. 

If you are creating your very own corset, we suggest you put the swing hook right at the waistline section since there is more tension in that area. If not done in the same way, there is a chance that the center front will start to gape, causing the bones in the center front to bow a bit. 

Closed Front Corset Closures

If you want to go all stealth more with your corset, or you don’t want to deal with those annoying pegs, or you are just on the lookout for a sturdy panel with proper textile materials, the closed front options would be the best shot. 

The disadvantage, of course, is that there is no opening to the overbust or underbust corset with a closed front. Hence, you will have to climb in and out of the corset. While some women find it easy, others don’t. Also, if you want to do a simple stitch, you might have to slice the entire lacing. 

Hook and Eye Corset Closures

If you want to have the Hook and Eye closures in your corset, there is no doubt that you are on the lookout for a fashionable garment. We say that because the best and the most authentic overbust corsets used for waist training don’t use Hook and Eye closures in the first place. 

This is a closure type that we see most commonly in the back of most bras. While there is an attractive quality of properly lying flat under the clothing, the hook and eye closure aren’t strong enough to support the waist training garment, such as a corset. In addition, the hooks are flimsy and will start to bend at even the slightest bit of pressure. 


When choosing the right corset type, you need to know about the closure. The perfect closure will enable the corset to support you throughout your day and get you the confidence you want. Since closures are really important in life, you should look for the right one in your corset. So head on over to the Bunny Corset and find the best options. 

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