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Professional Manufacturers Focus These Areas of a Bespoke Corset

When you are out in the market to buy a corset, you will find three different ways. The first one is to buy a ready-made corset based on your size. The second one is how the professionals can make certain changes in the corset you have selected, such as in the waist size or so on. The third type is the bespoke corset. In this type of corset, the manufacturers ask you to select a corset. Then they will entirely customize the corset based on your body measurements and curves.

A Bespoke corset is the best type of corset to have as it hugs your body perfectly from all angles and offers you the desired results for sure.

So, what are the areas where the manufacturers focus while customizing the corset?

Have a look at them here.


Whether you are buying an overbust corset or an underbust corset, the manufacturers will ask for your underbust measurement. The focus and aim of any corset are to trim down your waist and tummy. Thus, it has to sit on your waist area and your tummy properly. This means the corset should be sticking to your body from the underbust area till the starting of your hip.

This is the reason why the measurement of your unjust area is very important. Also, if the underbust area is too tight, this can cause extreme discomfort too. So, it should not be too tight and also should be loose. Moreover, it should be absolute as per your underbust size. Hence, the manufacturers focus on this area and ask for your underbust size to customize a proper corset for you.

Natural Waist

Not everyone is aware of the exact size of corset that they require. Thus, the manufacturers often ask for the person's waist's natural size to calculate the size of the corset required accordingly. Many women may wear an extremely small corset in size, which can get unhealthy for them. Again, some women may wear a size that is bigger than required. This way, they might not get the result that they have desired for. Thus, if you are not aware of the size that you should have, you should leave this decision upon the manufacturers only.

If you are buying from a good place such as Bunny Corset, you will find that the manufacturers ask for your natural waist size. They work upon the corset as per your natural waist to get the result you wish to have.

Waist to Reduce

If you are not sure about the right size of the corset you need, you can always rely upon Bunny Corset's manufacturers. They ask several questions, and then they provide the right side of the corset that you require. They will ask for your natural waist size and then ask for the inches you wish to reduce.

Depending upon these details only, the manufacturers can help you get a corset that is absolute of the size you require. The corset experts are aware of the different corset sizes that you should maintain and should require. Hence, they can help you in getting the right corset of the right size for your requirements.

Upper Hip

If you are buying a longline corset, it stretches down to your upper hip. If you have a curvy hip, then the upper hip area must be larger to fit you properly. Thus, the manufacturers will also require the size of your upper hip to customize the corset for you. You will find the section where you will be asked to provide the size of your upper hip on the website. Also, the Bunny Corset experts offer a video on each product page of how to measure your upper hip so that you can get the right measurement. Getting the right measurement is very important to get the corset of the right size, and it fits you properly.

Torso Length

Another most important area where the manufacturers focus is the torso length of the corset. Get a corset with a longer torso than your torso. You may find it difficult to sit comfortably wearing the corset. A similar discomfort can be felt if the corset torso length is shorter than your torso. Hence, the manufacturers also focus on the length of the corset's torso while customizing your corset.

A customized corset is the best option if you wish to get the right silhouette and wish to get the best results. The experts at Bunny Corset can offer you the right bespoke corset by taking your measurements and focusing on the corset's right places.

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