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Know More about Custom Corset with Bunny Corset

Customization of garments is not a new thing. You might need to alter your trouser or your dress so that it fits you perfectly. But there is a huge difference between altering your dress and customizing your corset. In fact, it can be said that customizing a corset is much difficult of a task than altering a dress.

Many people are not aware of the Custom Corsets or the Bespoke Corsets due to several brands serving readymade corsets to the customers. But there are many reasons why a Bespoke corset is much better than the readymade corsets.

Benefits of Wearing a Bespoke Corset

Now, there are several benefits of wearing a bespoke corset actually. But here, some of the most basic and the most important ones are pointed out.

  • It offers you the perfect fit that you need. A perfectly fitting corset is the only thing that can help you in reducing your waist size. Suppose you are looking for a permanent solution for your waist reduction. In that case, you will have to look for a waist training corset. But if the corset is not as per your exact sizes, it cannot offer you the permanent result you are looking for.
  • If you are not wearing a corset that is as per your size, there are high chances that you will not get comfortable in it. If the corset is too tight, it will exert extra pressure on your organs, which can cause trouble in breathing and so on. Also, if the corset is bigger than your size, it can not stay in its place, and the steel bones may hurt you at different places from time to time as you get into different postures.

Hence, your corset has to be absolutely perfect and absolutely as per your size to get the desired results. Only the Bespoke corsets can offer you the exact size you need for your waist training purpose.

How to Customize Your Corset at Bunny Corset?

If you are looking for a perfect Bespoke corset, you need to search for the best place from where you can buy it. One of the places where you can surely look for a reliable Bespoke corset is Bunny Corset. It offers you some simple and easy steps following which you will customize your corsets conveniently.

Choose from a Wide Variety:

The very first option is to choose from a wide variety of options. Experts say that you should get your corset as per your body shape, such as you should get an overbust corset if you have heavier busts. Similarly, you can opt for the curvy corset options if you have heavier hips. Bunny Corset has very well segregated the corsets into different types and options to not have to face difficulty in selecting the right one for you.

Check the Size:

    On the site, as you open the product on a separate page, you will find a table where you can check out whether the corset is available in your size or not. There are several size options available; thus, finding a corset of your size will not be much difficult for you. You should always try to get a size that is at least 3 to 4 inches lower than your natural waist size. This way, it helps in offering you the right figure that you have been looking for.

    Learn Measurements:


      One of the most crucial steps of Bunny Corset is to take measurements of your body so that you can offer the right measurements for customization. Now, the best thing here is that you will find a video on every product page that will offer you training on how to take the right measurements to offer the exact measurements on the site for the customization process. Ensure that you check out the video and go through the measurement step by step to understand it and get the measurements exactly in the same way.

      Fill the Form:


        As you keep on getting the measurements, you need to fill in the form offered on the product page. Along with the measurements, there are also various other details that you need to fill, such as whether it is your first corset or you are an experienced one, and so on. You may think these details are not important. Still, the professionals will actually customize your corset based on these details too.

        Bespoke corsets are high-quality corset options that come with a guarantee of offering you the right figure. Thus, it is always a great idea to consider buying a Bespoke corset only. Bunny Corset not just offers you a wide range of options in corsets but also helps you in customizing your corset and get a Bespoke corset for you.

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