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How to Buy the Right Overbust Corset

Whether you wish to wear the Overbust Corset like a garment or wish to adorn your dress with it, selecting the right option can make much difference. Several women may think of what to see extra when they have already decided to buy an overbust corset. But there can be various factors that can make an overbust corset look great on you but not good on someone else. This is because different corset types are made as per the body measurements of different women.

You are thinking about how to select the right overbust corset for your use? Here are some of the great ideas that you can instantly use to make the right choice.

The Right Cup:

By the right cup here, we do not mean the cup size. There is no such concept of cup size in a corset. When you are talking about the right cup in an overbust corset, it means the type of cup that the corset has.

You will notice that the overbust corset comes along with different cup types so that women of different breast options can wear them. The selection of the cup type also depends upon the look that you wish to put on.

Cupped Corsets:

You must have noticed many overbust corsets that have well-defined cups in them.  Such corsets are great for women who have comparatively heavy breasts. Thus, most women who wish to reduce their waist size and have a bigger breast can take this corset option.

Flat Front Corsets:

These are corsets that do not have defined cups for the breasts. The upper portion of the corset runs from one armpit to another in a straight line. A flat front corset is mainly for women who may have asymmetrical breasts.

Sweetheart Corsets:

These are the most common overbust corset option were the cups of the corset is defined extremely. Most of the celebrities who customize their gown dresses with corsets have this overbust corset pattern only.

The Torso Length:

Apart from the bust area or the corset's cup, the corset's torso also plays a pivotal role while you are selecting an overbust corset. Often women focus on the bust area and forget about the down area of the corset. It would help if you focused on different factors while you are buying an overbust corset for yourself.

  • It would be best if you bought the length of the corset's torso based on the length of your torso.
  • If you have a bigger hip, you should get a corset that can offer you complete coverage till your hip.
  • If you are looking to attach the corset to your dress, you should customize it accordingly to offer the right silhouette to your dress.

The Fabric of the Corset

When you are buying an overbust corset, the fabric of the corset also plays a major role. Here are some of the crucial factors that you should see when checking through the overbust corsets' fabric at Bunny Corset.

Mesh Corset:

One of the most favorite fabrics of many women in the overbust corset option is the mesh. It is light in weight and is quite breathable in nature. Also, the mesh fabric offers a wide range of styles to the corset. Several mesh corsets are made intending that you can wear them over your dress. They are designed and patterned with laces and frills so that you can easily flaunt them over your dress and can show off your bold style. Whether it is a party or a casual corset, you can try it upon for a great look.

Cotton Corset:

Similar to mesh fabric, cotton fabric is also highly breathable and comfortable for the summers. The cotton fabric corsets are such that you can wear them over your dress as a casual look or can also use them for stealthing.

Silk Corset:

Many women prefer to wear cotton corsets under their dresses; many other women also prefer to wear silk overbust corset under the dress. Great-looking silk overbust corsets can also be worn over your dresses.

Brocade Corsets:

Recently, brocade corsets are greatly in demand. These are so smooth as the silk fabric but are comparatively thicker in density. Hence, most of the corsets made out of brocade are made so that you can wear it over your dress.

Apart from these many factors, you should also check out the styling of the overbust corsets. If you are bold enough, you can out on an overbust sweetheart corset customized into a gown dress. But if you are a bit hesitant, you can put on a shrug over it. There are now overbust corsets available with sleeves and straps at Bunny Corset to offer you better comfort. So, choose the one that suits you the most.

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