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Bunny Corset - A Combination of Styling and Efficient Corsets

Traditional Corsets had a distinctive look that offered a similar look to almost every woman. But the modern-day corsets are different, suiting different women's personalities. The corset makers today have understood that other women have different choices and preferences. Hence, there is different corset styling for different tastes. But this does not mean that the efficiency of the corsets has lost.

Searching at the right place, you will find a combination of efficient corsets that are also stylish. Bunny Corset displays a range of such corsets that perfectly provides the rightful results or reducing the waist inches. At the same time, they have diverse styles and patterns that make them gorgeous.

The Right Use of Fabric

In any corset, the fabric is the fundamental element that shows whether the corset is efficient or not. Also, for styling again, the material plays a significant role. Experts make use of different fabrics today for the manufacturing of the corsets to combine efficiency along with styling. Some of the fabrics in modern-day corsets are:

  • Cotton
  • Mesh
  • Satin
  • Poly Dupion
  • Leather

Corset makers use these fabrics either individually or provide comfort, styling, and efficient results.

The Steel Bones

Earlier corset makers used whalebones the corsets. Now due to the ban on whalebones, the best corset makers use steel bones. But some corset makers make use of plastic bones. They offer a debate that plastic bones are lighter in weight. Though the plastic bones lighten the corset's weight and lead to much lower corset prices, they also have their demerits. The plastic bones can bend easily, and the corset may not last for long.

But the Corsets made with steel bones such as in Bunny Corset will last for long and will help offer efficient results in the same way how whalebones did. Cotton casing covers up the steel bones to not feel hurt while wearing the corset for a long time.

The Back Lacing

Though the modern-day corsets are much unique in terms of their styling, the basic features are the same as the traditional ones. One such element is the back lacing. The laces have to be tightened at the corset's back so that the corset can cinch through the waist and the tummy area properly. Though the lacing feature has been kept the same, different styling is used to offer it a distinct look that is much dramatic.

This is done by adding colors to the laces or using different patterns for the laces at the corset's back.

The Front Opening

When you wear the corset, you wear it like a shirt. Hence, there is a front opening that you need to secure by buttons of metal busks before tightening the laces. Again, this feature is kept the same in the modern-day corsets to offer the right results in the waist reduction procedure.

But here, some corset makers also put a zipper in the place of metal busks. The zipper offers a seamless smoothness at the front for some corsets. To provide an absolute smoothness at the front, some corsets also have a side zipper. This depends upon the style and design of the corset. But while doing so, it is made sure that the corset offers the right results.

The Design and Patterns

While the corsets' basic features and patterns are the same as before, the corset makers incorporate some parts to make it stylish. Here are some of the recent trends and designs that make the corset a bit modern and unique than the traditional ones.

  • Fabrics such as faux leather offer bright colors such as pink and purple to the corsets.
  • The use of the holographic patterns offers a party look to the corsets.
  • Printed corsets are also very much in trend lately.
  • Bunny Corset also has corsets with a single embroidered animation at the front of the corset.
  • There are also corset with cold should sleeves, halter necks, and even paired with shrugs.

Thus, some different patterns and designs make the modern-day corsets much stylish and comfortable than before.


Corsets are back in fashion. But they are a bit different from the traditional corsets. The designers design these corsets in such a way that they can match up with modern-day dressing. You can wear these modern-day corsets under your dress, over your shirt, or even just like a top with your denim or skirt.

But the ethnicity in terms of efficiency is not lost even when in the presence of a lot of different styling factors. Searching at the right place, such as Bunny Corset, you will get corsets that are highly efficient in reducing your waist size and are also highly stylish to match your personality.

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