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Should You Exercise in a Waist Training Corset?

February 25 2022

Should You Exercise in a Waist Training Corset?

Should You Exercise in a Waist Training Corset?

When the term waist training corset is heard, it seems that it has some connection with exercising or the gym. But the fact is that waist training corsets have nothing to do with any exercise. When you are wearing a waist training corset, you should not perform any exercise. 

Experts have various reasons why you should take no exercise when you are wearing a waist training corset. Here are some of the eminent ones to talk about.

Damage to Corset:

One of the eminent reason is that you will damage the steel boned waist training corset if you are exercising wearing it. For several exercises such as cycling or even when you are running on the treadmill, you have to do several movements. Corsets are there to restrict your movement by exerting pressure on your abdomen and waist. But when you forcefully try to make the movements, it can make the steel bones bend too much, damaging the corset. Now with the steel bones bend to such extremity, the corset remains of no use to you. Even there are several times when the steel bone may even break, which will damage the corset's fabric.

Difficulty in Cleaning:

Corsets should not be washed in the washing machine. There are some specific reasons for this, such as the water can rust the steel bones, or the machine's rinsing may even lead to damage to the steel bones. An ideal way to clean the corset is to either dry clean it or use other techniques where there is minimal water usage. 

But when you are working out wearing a waist training corset, you will sweat even more than usual. This is going to make your corset dirty. You will have to take the initiative of cleaning the corset every day in such a case. When the sweat is more, just using scrubbing the stains and washing it off will not work. You have to wash the entire corset properly so that the smell and the sweat stains are cleaned. In this process, you will damage the steel bones and the fabric of the corset.

No Proper Workouts:

When you are doing workouts such as stretches and others, you have to be very flexible to have different movements. If you are doing yoga, you have to fold your body differently to perform different asanas. But as the waist training corset grabs your body tightly, movement of the body is much restricted. In such a case, you may not be able to bend your waist or may able to twist your body. So, when you cannot move your body properly, you will not be able to do your exercises properly. So, when you cannot perform your exercises and workouts properly, you will not get the benefits also out of it.

Getting Hurt:

If you are applying force to go against the waist training corsets movement restrictions to bend your body, it damages the corset and causes many damages to the body. If you are trying hard to bend at the sides or towards the front with the waist training on, the steel bones can hurt your ribcage, which can be quite dangerous at times. 

Even if you are wearing a corset with plastic bones, you should not exercise with it. With such pressure, the plastic bones can break, and it can pierce your body parts too. Thus, whether it is the steel bones or plastic bones, there are high chances that you can hurt yourself if you are exercising with the corsets on.

Health Issues:

Apart from the damages done due to the bones, many other health issues can occur if you exercise with the waist training corset on. Corsets not just restrict the movement of your waist but also restricts the movement of your ribcage too, which has the diaphragm. When you are wearing a corset, you are advised to breathe completely through the lungs. But ideally, the diaphragm is the main organ that helps in breathing. When you are working out, you need more air to breath, for which you require the diaphragm. But as the corset blocks the air to the diaphragm, this can cause difficulty in breathing. Also, sweating out too much can lead to the issue of dehydration. 

Thus, there are several reasons why experts have suggested not to work out wearing a waist training corset. The corsets are there to offer you the required shape. But if you think that working out wearing them can offer you the results much faster, it can be your biggest mistake.

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