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My Corset is Small - Can I Alter My Corset?

December 24 2022

My Corset is Small - Can I Alter My Corset?

My Corset is Small - Can I Alter My Corset?

There are so many occasions where it is essential to get the right fit. Whether you are solving puzzles or choosing the right clothes to wear, it is essential to ensure that you have the best option. Similarly, choosing the right-sized undergarments that you might be able to wear every single day is incredibly important. By chance, if you get the wrong fit, it might get a bit frustrating and hence result in hours and hours of discomfort. So, don’t you think corsets also fall into this category? 

When choosing a waist training corset, you must pick the correct size. However, if you can’t pick the right size, does that mean you might not be able to wear the corset again? Well, that is not the case. 

It is crucial to pick out the size of the corset that gives you the best comfort. But what happens if the corset is a tad smaller than you need? Is there any scope for returning it? Well, you might be able to do so, but if you have put too much time into seasoning the corset, there is no doubt that you would want to keep it. In that case, you might be able to alter your Underbust corset and get it to fit your size. 

To do that, there are some things you need to keep in mind. In this article, we will talk about that and much more to provide better knowledge to people. 

The Importance of Learning How to Sew 

Do you know how to sew and if you do, can you sew properly? If you have difficulty stitching something simple, you might not want to take up such a complicated project as a waist-reducing corset. There are so many different layers in the corset; apart from that, you will find many channels for boning, form-fitting proportions, busks, and so much more. It is essential to have these details in a precise manner. 

We are not saying that you shouldn’t be putting in the effort and time needed to learn the skills perfectly. So many different YouTube tutorials are willing to teach people the proper techniques they can use. These tutorials can guide you in the right direction. However, you will also have to wonder whether the time taken to learn sewing is worth it. 

Let us say that you are an expert in sewing and have worked with other designs of corsets, such as brocade and cotton corsets. In that case, you can delve into the project more comfortably. If the size is a little bit small, you might be able to get away by doing the bare minimum. But there are some cases where the corsets are pretty big. What do you do then? 

  • Underbust Alteration

When it comes to stitching the Underbust of a steel-boned corset, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. In an ideal sense, the edges in the lacing gap should be precisely parallel to ensure that the garment is providing proper support and compression. If the tension is slightly high on the bottom or the top edge of the garment, you might not be able to get the results you expect from the waist-reducing corset. There might also be a situation where the garment gets warped. 

So, if you notice that the lacing gap is like a V, you should ensure that the Underbust is appropriately altered. Now how can one do that? An easy way to make it possible is to add some gores or triangular fabric sections right beneath the arm section. Now that requires a bit of measurement and mathematics to get the size of the corset. This should be a relatively easy task if you have dealt with waist cinchers before. 

  • Hip Alteration

Now, if you notice that the lacing gap in your cotton corset resembles the shape of an A, you need to add more space in the hip section. So, you might want to use some gores in that area. However, if you want to save time and add some flair to the design, the best thing to do is add some hip ties into the overbust corset. This will ensure that the garment becomes extremely easy to adjust, and hence you will be able to lose some inches from the hips. 

  • Enlarging The Corset

It might be a good idea to add in the total panels to increase the size of corset dresses. There might always be a chance that you will be compromising the integrity of the corset. This can also lead to fabric tears, bent or warped boning, ineffective waist training, and many others. However, if you want to salvage the too-small corset, there is no other option but this. 

Getting Rid of A Corset That Is Too Small 

When it comes to altering a corset that is a bit small for your body, it can be quite a challenge if you don’t have any experience. After all, no one wants to tackle the complicated issues related to the altering of mesh corsets or any other type of corsets in the first place. But that is not the only option that you have, people. You can go for a good specialist who might be able to alter the corset in the right way for you. If not, then you can always get rid of the corset. But that might be a massive waste of money. So. it might be a good idea to alter it. 


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