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Sizzling up in the Plus-Size Corsets

As per a very wrong concept, the plus size women cannot wear corsets. There are even several websites that do not have corsets beyond a particular size. Luckily, other corset makers are breaking up this misconception. Hence, they are coming up with various plus size corsets.

Again, even when some websites have plus-size corsets, they are not bold enough to experiment with styling. But if styling is done correctly, the plus-size women can wear these corsets with the right amount of confidence. Bunny Corset has introduced the right styling into its plus-size corsets that are efficient in reducing waist size.

The Overbust Corsets

The plus-sized corsets mostly come in overbust types. This is because the oversize women require support for the entire body.

Usually, the corsets are there to cinch the waist and the tummy area to reduce the extra inches. In doing so, the bust area automatically stands out firm. But when someone has more massive busts, cinching down the waist and tummy may lead the figure to sag. This is where the overbust corsets come into use. These corsets cinch the waist and tummy area and, at the same time, also offer support to the bust. Thus, it provides a perfect shape for the entire body.

The Curvy Corsets

More massive sized women not just have heavier bust but also more massive hips too at times. So, if these women more massive hips were an everyday straight corset, the edges that hurt them may not offer them a proper shape. The curvy corsets are a perfect solution for such situations. The curve at the lower end offers the right support to the heavy hips. Thus, it reduces the waist and tummy size or supports the busts and helps the hip area. Altogether, it offers a curvy shape to the body that provides an attractive look to the person.

Corsets with Shrugs

If you are someone who wishes to show off your corset but is not that bold, you can try out the corsets with shrugs. You can get them on Bunny Corset and can quickly wear them without feeling embarrassed. These corsets offer the right shape to your figures, such as reducing down your waist and abdomen area and providing support to your bust and hip area. If you are not sure whether you can handle the strapless look or not, you can put on the shrug that comes along with the corset.

Corsets with Sleeves

Bunny Corset is flooding with several plus-sized corsets that is efficient in size reduction and stylish in looks. Several corsets come with sleeves for those who wish to try wearing a corset as a top. These can come in the form of a cold shoulder sleeve or a strap sleeve. Leave the hesitation behind and try out these sleeved corsets to get in style without thinking much about your plus size. There are different sleeve options available such as that laces, sequins, and many others, to provide the right look.

Corsets with Halter Neck

The styling of plus-sized corsets has a long way to go. This can be very well proven by the different style options that are seen now. The halter neck plus-sized corset is one of them. If you not sure of the cold shoulder sleeves but do not wish to hide your broad shoulders with a shrug, you can try out the corsets with a halter neck. You can get such corsets on Bunny Corset that are highly stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Endless Designs

Apart from the styling, plus-sized corsets come up with endless designs. They are available in diverse fabric options such as leather, cotton, mess, and others. The corset makers integrate various designs in such corsets such as that with the help of sequin laces or embroidery work.

With passing time, different new patterns are also arriving, such as the holographic pattern. Faux leather corsets come in printed designs for a casual look. Some corsets have mesh designing and fan lacing to offer an adorable look to the corset.


This is wrong that plus-sized women cannot wear a corset. If you search at the right place, such as Bunny Corset, you will find a fantastic collection of corsets for plus-sized women. These corsets are available in different patterns, styling, and attractive designs. They are made in the same pattern how the other corsets are made, such as with the right placement of steel bones and back lacing. It is just that extra features are added, such as sleeves and others to offer comfort to the person wearing it.

So, if you are a plus-sized woman, which corset styling or pattern is your favorite?

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