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What Measurements Are Required to Customize Your Corset?

December 31 2021

What Measurements Are Required to Customize Your Corset?

What Measurements Are Required to Customize Your Corset?

The Bespoke corsets are not just there to offer you the right silhouette but also to offer you a permanent result on your waist size. But to do so, you need to get the exact bespoke corset from the right place. Bunny Corset offers to help you in getting the exact custom corset that you have been searching for.

 When you are getting the corsets, it takes the required measurements so that the experts can customize the corset exactly as per your dimensions.

 So, what are the measurements that you need to offer to customize the corset?

The Bust Measurement:

The measurement of the bust depends upon the type of corset that you are buying. If you are buying the overbust corset, you have to provide the measurement for your bust area and the underbust area.

An overbust corset perfectly supports your busts and makes your figure look absolutely perfect. Thus, if you wish to get the right results, you should make sure to offer the right measurement of your bust area.

If you are getting an underbust corset, you do not have to offer the bust's measurement but just the underbust area. This is the area that comes just below your busts. Measure the whole torse area under your busts to get this measurement.

The Waist:

When you are offering the measurement for the waist, there are two things that you need to provide. First is the measurement of your natural waist. So, how will you get this measurement? Bend down to one side and check out the point where your waist is folding. This is the exact point at which you need to measure your waist.

Apart from your natural waist size, you also need to provide how much inches reduction do you want in your corset. Usually, experts mention that you should wear a corset about 3-4 inches lesser than your natural waist size. If you are towards the bigger size, you can also reduce about 5-6 inches in your corset. So, you can offer this measurement based on your requirements and choice. Of course, it is always mandatory to keep a note of the suggestions offered by the experts. Reducing the corset size too much can make you uncomfortable and can cause several health issues too.

The Hip Measurement:

When you are asked to measure your hip portion, you all know how to do it. But when you are buying a corset, Bunny Corset experts will ask you for the measurement of your hip portion and the measurement of your upper hip. Now how do you know which one is your upper hip area?

Sit on a chair in a proper straight posture. Now, the portion at which your body is making a 90-degree angle is the hip area. The area just above this portion is then the upper hip area. So, you need to measure this particular area to measure the upper hip area for the corset.

The Torso:

Many of you may not know that the torso's measurement is an important part when customizing a corset. There are actually different corset types depending upon the height of the torso. There are some corsets with a longer torso, while some other corsets have a much shorter torso. If you have a shorter torso, but you are wearing a corset with a longer torso, it can hurt your hip area when you are sitting with the corsets on. Similarly, if you have a longer torso area, but wearing a corset with a shorter torso, it can get quite uncomfortable for you. Thus, you need to get a corset that is exactly as per your size.

Your Height:

Bunny Corset also asks for your height. Often the experts require your height so that they can customize a corset that belongs just to you. So, along with the bust, waist, hip, and torso measurements, it is also important to provide the measurement of your height to the experts.

If you are buying a corset from the Bunny Corset, you do not have to worry much about getting the measurements for your corset. The site offers a video and written details on each product page that can guide you through the process of getting the measurements done. All you need to do is check out the process and the details, get the measurements accordingly and provide them to the experts.

Corset making is not an easy task. The experts require the exact measurements to manufacture such a corset that can be comfortable to wear and can offer the right results. The experts at Bunny Corset help you offer the right measurements so that you can get a properly customized corset each time.

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