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What is a Bespoke Corset?

July 25 2020

What is a Bespoke Corset?

What is a Bespoke Corset?

What do you think people used to wear much before all these fancy brands came into existence? Of course, way back people used to wear customized clothing that was stitched based on their sizes. Slowly the science was known that the size of people can be categorized so that the customers can buy the right one based on the size numbers displayed at the stores. But does that offer the exact size every time?

There can be a number of times when you have found a size that is close to yours but there are certain areas where you need some corrections so that it can fit absolutely correctly on your shape. For such reasons, alteration experts are provided in the stores today so that slight changes can be done in the clothing.

Due to a lack of time in hand and the fast-paced lifestyle, the idea of stitching a dress from a dot has become a rare incident. Most of the time, people prefer to get into a store and get the right fit for themselves.

Not just clothes, even for a corset, women visit a particular store and pick up the one that fits them the closest. But is that enough to get a corsetry that just fits you the closest? The aim of these items was to fit you inch by inch, isn’t it?

The History of Corsetry

What are corsets?

Corsets are wearables that are used by women to tone their figures and wear dresses that they have always desired too. These corsets have been there for ages so that women can flaunt their perfect shapes and figure while wearing the loveliest of dresses.

These corsets can be worn over the dress or also under the dress depending upon the type of corsetry and also the type of dress that you are wearing. It has to be absolutely fitting as per your body measurements so that you can comfortably flaunt your body shape in whatever you are wearing.

If you reach out to the 18th century or so, thin strips of whalebone were used to make these corsets and were worn mostly under the clothes. These became quite famous during the Victorian Age when other materials such as wood and steel were also used for the manufacturing. It is said that the husbands used to gift their wives these corsets and the main aim of wearing them was to get a much smaller waist.

Over time, there have been different transitions in corsetry and today these are made up of flexible clothes such as coutil or even by leather in many of the cases. Today, you can get the ready-made corsets that are ready to wear, and also you can come across the Bespoke Corset options that are made as per your exact measurements so that you can be provided with the exact fit.

Why are Corsets still Trending?

Corsets went out of fashion somewhere after World War II but now again it is back in fashion since the last few years. Maybe some of the movies and series that were inspired by the Victorian Ages depicted the style of the small waist with the use of corsets that brought back the fashion once again.

Smaller waists have always attracted attention. It gives you a look or a princess when you are wearing a gown or a frock. Today, these corsets are also being used with other dresses such as tops and denim with the same aim of flaunting a smaller waist and look gorgeous.

With an unhealthy lifestyle, and a number of times you end up getting belly fat or even fat accumulated in other parts of the body such as the side waists. Due to such situations, you are not able to wear such clothes that you actually desired to wear. If you do not have much time to invest in working out to get that perfectly toned figure, you can always land up wearing a corset with the dress that you wanted to wear.

Apart from the toning benefits of the corsetry, these are also used as a fashion statement. There are now also such dresses that are made up in a corset style to provide you that look from the Victorian Ages.

Though different stores are filled up with ready to wear corsets now, you can achieve the best results if you have one that perfectly fits you. Due to this reason, the trend of custom made corset is also prevailing in the recent scenario. 

Why Should You Go For a Custom Made Corset?

There are a number of reasons why today the custom-made corsets are getting more popular than the ready to wear ones.

When you are buying a ready-to-wear corset, there are a number of times when you have to compromise over a number of things such as the proper size at different parts of the body or the material or even the comfort level. Ultimately, the purpose of corsetry is not solved. To understand why you should go for Bespoke corset definitely, you should know the reasons for wearing a corset.

Reducing Weight

A number of women believe that corsetry is the perfect way to reduce down your weight if you are overweight. How? This has actually got some scientific explanations behind it.

When you are wearing corsets, your abdomen is tightly held that has an impact on some of your internal organs also such as the intestines. When you are not able to digest the food properly due to a pressure exerted on your intestine, you will not feel hungry quite soon. This will make you eat less. Also, it has been noticed that when you eat meals with the corsetry on, you tend to eat much less, and in small quantities that is again a great idea to reduce weight.

Perfect Shape

Imagine if you have an occasion to attend such as someone’s wedding or even a corporate party. You wish to put on your best attire but you are not able to gain that confidence because of your bulging belly. Again in this situation, you can wear the corset along with the dress to acquire that perfect shape that you wanted to have.

Proper Posture:

Do you know that corsets are also amazing in offering you a perfect posture? If you have heavy breasts, it will offer them support and will keep your back ribs absolutely straight so that you can always maintain your posture. It has been noticed a number of times that while sitting, people bend a bit towards the front. Corsetry offers stiff support to the back so that you do not bend and can always have that perfect posture that will add up to your elegance.

Apart from all these obvious benefits, there are also some other benefits that are observed by many of the experts such as a reduction in menstrual cramps and feeling more controlled. But in order to get all these benefits, it is much important to get a corset that fits your measurement properly. Hence, one of the best ideas is to get the custom made corset as per your requirements.

Getting a Bespoke Corset

You can always get the right Bespoke corset by meeting up with the right experts. The steps are as simple as getting your clothes stitched.

The Measurement:

Simply provide your measurements for the type of corset that you wish to have. Normally, you need to provide the exact size of your waist, torso, hips, and the underbust. These measurements are for the general underbust corsets that you wish to wear to make your waist look smaller. If you are looking for an overbust corset, you also provide the right measurements of your bust along with the cup size that you wear.

The Trial

At times, extra measurements of your body areas may be also asked so that a perfect corset can be prepared. Once the corset is prepared initially, you are called upon to have a trial of it so that if there are areas that require alterations, that can be done. It should be something that is grabbing your body parts perfectly and is also comfortable to wear. You need to be honest in how you feel wearing so that the designers can estimate whether it requires further alterations or not.

The Cost

The cost of the custom ready corset options is slightly higher than the ready-made ones but again it depends on a number of factors such as the material of the corset, the type of the corsetry, and many others. Also, it depends on the place where you are getting the custom made corset from. You can always get discounts and deals on the corsets from time to time.

Wearing a corset is only justifiable when you are actually experiencing the right benefits out of it. It is only possible when it is actually fitting your shape. This has actually increased the demand for Bespoke corset recently among people who wish to wear corsetry for the right benefits and not just for the sake of fashion statement.