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What Details are Required at Bunny Corset for Bespoke Corsets?

December 23 2021

What Details are Required at Bunny Corset for Bespoke Corsets?

What Details are Required at Bunny Corset for Bespoke Corsets?

When you are customizing your apparel, there are so many measurements that you need to offer to the designer. Corsets are even more precise than apparel. Hence, to customize the corsets, even more-precise measurements are required. But that does not mean that you have to end up answering a huge list of questions asked by the experts.

When you buy the corset from a proper place such as Bunny Corset, you will face a convenient way of offering your measurements to customize the corset.

So, what are the details that the experts at Bunny Corset require to customize a bespoke corset for you?

Here are all the details that you will come across when you are about to buy a bespoke corset from the site.

Get Educated First:

Bunny Corset first offers a proper education about how the make the measurements to the customers. The measurements for the corset has to be absolutely precise. Suppose there is a minute mistake in the measurement. In that case, it may not fit you properly, and you may feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Hence, it is quite crucial to learn how to measure yourself well for the corset.


Bunny Corset offers a video presentation in which the measurements are shown correctly to take the measurement practicing the steps mentioned in the video.

The Measurement:

Now when you have learned the methods through which you need to take the corset measurements, it is time to provide the measurements in inches in the spaces provided.


What are the different measurements that the experts of Bunny Corset require to offer you a perfect bespoke corset?

●     The Bust:

This will be required if you are buying an overbust corset only.

●     The Underbust:

This measurement is necessary for all types of corsets that you are buying.

●     Natural Waist:

Do not try to squeeze in your waist to offer a smaller measurement. You need to offer a natural measurement only; else, you may end up getting a corset in which you may not feel much comfortable.

●     Upper Hips:

This is the portion that is just above your hip portion.

●     The Full Hip:

Now again, similar to the waist, you should always provide the natural size of your full hips to get a corset in which you can stay comfortable whenever you wear it.

●     Torso Length:

Again, the torso length is an important measurement that you need to provide correctly to get the corset right.

Other Measurements:

Apart from the measurements mentioned above, there are also some other measurements that you need to provide to get the right corset.

You need to provide your actual height in inches. The Bunny Corset assumes the look and the fit of the corset as per your height too. Hence, they also require your exact height while they are getting the measurements for the corset.

Another important measurement that the experts ask for is the number of inches by which you want your corset waist to be reduced. Usually, getting a size reduction of 4-6 inches is a great idea for average-sized women. This can go down to 6-8 inches in women who are a bit towards the heavier side. But again, you have to fill in space with the size that you think is perfect for your corset.

The Experience:

Another great detail that the experts of Bunny Corset ask for is your experience with the corsets. There are three options to choose from: first-time buyer, a person with some experience, and an expert. The manufacturing experts also consider this point while customizing and preparing the right corset for you. Hence, whatever it is, choose the right option from the mentioned options.

The Usage:

Today, corsets have found several usages. Some women just prefer to wear a corset for the sake of styling. At the same time, others aim at getting a permanent size reduction of their waist. Also, many women wear these corsets to get treated for the problem of back pain. Thus, different women today use corsets for different purposes. Hence, it is also important to let the experts know about the exact purpose of wearing the corset. When the experts are aware of the exact purpose, they will customize the corset accordingly so that you can actually get results from the corset.

Corsets today are gaining popularity due to their amazing benefits, such as instant waist reduction, posture correction, and many others. But to avail the true essence of the corsets, you need to get the bespoke option. Bunny Corset is one such place where you can customize your corset and can get a perfect piece for yourself. You just have to provide the asked details, and your corset is all set to be used.


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