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The Best Bespoke Couture Corsets for 2022!

January 07 2022

The Best Bespoke Couture Corsets for 2022!

The Best Bespoke Couture Corsets for 2022!

If you are buying corsets just for the sake of styling, you can always get the ready to wear corsets straight from the racks. But suppose you are buying the corsets intending to attain the perfect hourglass figure. In that case, you should make sure to get the bespoke couture corsets.

Benefits of Bespoke Couture Corsets

If you are not yet aware of the benefits of wearing a bespoke couture corset, here are some of them that you should definitely know.

●     A Perfect Waist Trainer:

When the corset is made precisely as per your size and measurements, it helps squeeze your waist area and your abdomen in a much better way. Suppose you have a practice of wearing this bespoke corset regularly. In that case, it shows remarkable results that you will not find with the ready to wear corsets.

●     Best Silhouettes:

Several women complain that they do not get the exact silhouette that most celebrities gain with the corsets. This is because the celebrities get customized corsets as per their measurements. Thus, the corset fits exactly on every curve of the person. This is not possible when you are wearing a corset just straight from the rack.

●     Get Your Size:

When you are getting a ready-to-wear corset, you need to get a corset available within your size. But when you are buying your bespoke corset at Bunny Corset, you just need to select your style, and the experts will customize it to your size based upon your measurements.

Bunny Corset flaunts a range of bespoke corset options from which you can get the one that suits you perfectly.

The Basic Style:

Though there are several styles available now, the basic style of corsets is still high in demand. Whether you are looking for a bespoke underbust corset or an overbust corset, you can get the basic style in different fabric options at Bunny Corset. For comfortable wear, you can always rely upon the fabric options such as cotton and mesh. Apart from these, Bunny Corset also offers these corset styles in other different fabric options such as brocade, satin, and even faux leather.

The Lacey Style:

If you are someone who is in love with laces and sequins, Bunny Corset can offer you several such corsets. Whether you are selecting a cotton corset or a mesh corset, you can get designs of sequin laces and frills that decorate the corset. These designs offer a cute look to the corset and offer an adorable look to you too when you correctly wear them.

The Printed Look:

Bunny Corset has a range of bespoke couture corsets that are available with different print options. You can get such prints on cotton, brocade as well as faux leather fabric. Depending upon the fabric, color, and styling, you can get bigger flowery and smaller prints on the corsets to offer you a perfect casual look. 

The Embroidered Style:

If you do not prefer to have a printed or lacey design, you can surely go for the corset's embroidered design. If you are going for the cotton corset, you can get the cute corset with a bunny embroidered on it. Also, you can get many other corset options with embroidery options at Bunny Corset. Of course, when it is about the embroidered corsets, you will get it mostly on the corsets made up of cotton fabric. Also, at Bunny Corset, you can get some embroidery work on the corsets made up of brocade fabric.

The Holographic Style:

Are you searching for something for nightclubs or for such similar parties and events? Bunny Corset offers you unique holographic corsets that are made up of faux leather. You can get these corsets under the category of underbust as well as overbust corsets. You can also get them in different color combinations and in different patterns so that you can get the one you like the most. You can combine this particular style with the bottom of your choice and a jacket. Also, you can skip out the jacket when you are wearing a holographic overbust corset. The choice is yours as you can scavenge through the wide range of corset options available at Bunny Corset.

If you have decided to get that perfect hourglass figure, it is time that you need to switch to the bespoke couture corset options. Bunny Corset offers you a range of such corset options and lets you choose the one you love to have. Just choose from different options under the underbust and overbust corsets and then provide the accurate measurements so that the experts can customize the corsets just for you. When the corset sits perfectly on your body, it starts working in the best possible way.

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