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Our Best 5 Halloween costume Ideas For YOU!

October 14 2021

Our Best 5 Halloween costume Ideas For YOU!

Our Best 5 Halloween costume Ideas For YOU!

Check out our best Halloween corset options from our collection that you can try to match up with your Halloween costumes this year to get the perfect Halloween look.

Halloween day is fast approaching, and surely you must be confused about your Halloween day costume this year. While some people are just concerned about how scary they can look, others are also conscious of their looks. If you wish to look great even in that creepy Halloween costume, you can always match up your dresses with the best corsets option.

When it is about Halloween, Dracula brides are always on the list. They are super gorgeous, but they are extremely scary, thirsty for blood when they show off their real side. The corsets from our vintage collection will surely help you get such a look for your Halloween day. Usually, when you are going for the vintage corsets, you will get the one made up of cotton fabric. But now, many of the gothic-style corsets are also available in other fabrics such as mesh and brocade.

Wear these vintage underbust corsets over the Elizabethan bridal dresses with balloon-shaped sleeves and a deep neckline. Finish the costume with a white veil, and do not forget the fake teeth that will offer you the look of a Dracula bride.

You can also get a Halloween corset top in vintage style to get a look at the Elizabethan or Victorian times.

If you are not thinking anything out of the box, you can always go for the usual options, such as being a devil. Our waist training corsets are perfect for getting you this devil look for your Halloween event. You can wear a body-hugging red dress over which you can wear our steel boned waspie styled waist training corset. Style it up with the devil horn hairband and other accessories that you get to represent the devil look. If you are getting your makeup right, you will surely be able to grab a good amount of attention with an amazing black red corset.

Who does not remember the Nun when it is about horror situations? Well, getting dresses as the Nun for your Halloween party can never go wrong. But of course, you will not like to have a flabby waist and tummy when you are wearing that long black flowing gown.

Our overbust corset is the best option in having such a figure while getting dresses like the Nun. Now, there can be several variations of the overbust corset in such a case that you can try it out. If you are not comfortable enough in displaying the corset, or even if you wish to have an authentic look, you should go stealthing with our cotton or mesh overbust fabric corsets. But in case if you wish to flaunt your newly bought overbust black Halloween corset over your dress, you can also do that. Finish your look with the headcover that the Nun used to wear and the dreadful makeup that you surely remember from The Conjuring movie.

Why do you have to just stop by the theme of a devil when you can think of many other options, such as that of the Fallen Angel? This can be a unique concept that offers you a unique way to represent yourself and empowers you to look trendy in the dress you select. Of course, our Halloween corset costumes can add just the right amount of enchantment to your costume for the Fallen Angel.

When you are going for the costume of the Fallen Angel, the colour that you need to go with is just the contrast of an angel, and that is black. Luckily, we have a wide collection of black corset dresses in different patterns and materials so that you can choose the one that suits you the most.

All you need to do is wear one of our overbust Halloween corset dresses in black, and you are sorted. If you are not comfortable wearing the corset alone but still wish to have a smaller waist and a perfect figure, you should try wearing our cotton or mesh fabric corset dress over or under your black body-hugging top. Complete your look with black wings at your back, smokey eyes, and other black accessories.

When you are searching for a Halloween theme from the horror genre movies, IT is one of the options that you should surely think about considering. While earlier, the clown-faced always brought a smile on the face, now fear is another feeling that people have when noticing a clown, thanks to the movie series IT. Not just the face, you can have the entire look of the clown and that too in a gorgeous way with the help of our satin corsets.


You can go stealthing with our satin corsets so that the heavy costume you are wearing does not stick to the corset and offers you a perfect look throughout the day. Also, you can choose our colourful satin corsets to match up with the colourful clown dress you have selected to wear for the Halloween event you wish to attend. Then, of course, you need to complete your look with the colourful makeup on your face and the red ball on your nose. Finally, add the high conical hat and other accessories to get the clown look you have noticed in circuses or even in the movie IT.

We have a wide range of options in different types of steel boned corsets that will train your waist and offer you the look you have been searching for. So, all you need to do is decide upon the character you wish to be this Halloween and then select the right type of corset from the wide range of collections that we display.

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