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How do you Know a Corset is Authentic or not?

February 04 2022

How do you Know a Corset is Authentic or not?

How do you Know a Corset is Authentic or not?

Often a lot of girls get confused among two similar-looking corsets. In such a case, they might think that there is no difference and ultimately choose the one that costs them lesser. But often, in doing so, many girls may find that the corset is not serving the purpose for which they have bought it. This means that they have not invested money in an authentic corset. 

It is quite important to understand that you will find many different options such as fashion corsets, waist training corsets, and others when you are out there in the market of corsets. 

Well, the waist training corsets are of some other league and are going to be super-efficient. Let us just concentrate on the authentic corset that we will compare here with the fashion corset.

The Pricing:

The very first thing that will attract you is the pricing, no doubt. When you see a product that is available at a much cheaper cost, you are already half-convinced that you should get it. But is this purchase worth it? Of course, if you do not wish to get a result of cinching your waist and the only purpose is to get a proper curve on your already toned body, you can always go with the fashion corset. But if you wish to attain the hourglass figure and wish to see a reduction in the size of your waist and belly area, you need to think of authentic corsets.

When you are dealing in fashion corsets, you can easily get them at $20 or $30, depending upon the quality's styling and quality. Even if you are buying the best fashion corset, it should not cross the price of $100. But that does not make it authentic.

On the contrary, the price of the authentic corsets may start from $100 or more.

The Manufacturing:

One of the major reasons fashion corsets are less expensive is that they are manufactured with cheaper items such as plastic boning. The plastic boning is quite fragile and can bend and break if you try to tighten the corset's laces too tight. Thus, such plastic corsets are not authentic. 

So, what makes a corset authentic in terms of its manufacturing? 

An authentic corset will have steel bones. The steel bones are considered an appropriate alteration to the actual whale bones used centuries ago. When it comes to steel bones, they are durable and mold with the body quite well. So, when you tighten the corset laces, these bones do not break, rather bend along your waist to offer you a comfortable feel while compressing your waist. 

The steel bones are available in two forms, and these are flat bones and spiral bones. If you are buying the best corsets from a good place such as Bunny Corset, you will get a combination of both the bone types in the corset. 

Another important point here that you should know is that a normal corset may have 10 to 12 steel bones, but when you are buying a waist training corset, it will have more than 20 steel bones.

The Fabric:

Fashion corsets are usually made up of glossy and stylish fabric options such as satin, silk, brocade, and mesh. You will not find a fashion corset quite commonly in fabric options such as cotton that are otherwise simple to look at.

But when you are getting an authentic corset, you will get a range of fabric options available such as cotton, mesh, silk, brocade, satin, and even leather. The main purpose of an authentic corset is to trim down your waistline in comfort. Hence, many women prefer to get a cotton or a mesh corset to train their waist comfortably. Today, authentic corsets are also available in different styles such as holographic, printed, laces, and many others. So, an authentic corset can always replace a fashion corset, but a fashion corset can never replace an authentic corset. 

If you have been looking for such an authentic corset, you should always look at an authentic place such as Bunny Corset. When you are shopping here, you do not have to worry about the quality as you can come across a wide range of waist-cinching corsets as well as waist training corsets. Also, you can select the right fabric according to your comfort. 

You will also find a wide range of designs and styles so that you do not have to look for options in a fashion corset store. Moreover, Bunny Corset offers you customized corsets so that the corset fits you absolutely and offers you the exact silhouette that you have been looking forward to while wearing your favorite apparel for an important event.

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