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Have a Short Torso? Try the Waspie Corset!

April 02 2022

Have a Short Torso? Try the Waspie Corset!

Have a Short Torso? Try the Waspie Corset!

Though the usual clothing is designed with average dimensions so that every woman can get their size, it is not always the same as it seems. For example, while buying a top, you may find the right size based on your bust size, but you can find the difference in terms of the torso length. It may happen that you wanted to buy a particular top because you liked the way it revealed a bit of the waist when someone else wore it. But when you wear the same top, it actually reaches below the beltline of your denim. This happens because you have a shorter torso. 

Corsets are manufactured by measuring different parts such as your bust, underbust, and torso length due to such issues. Also, there are different corset types available for different body types. If you have a shorter torso, the waspie corset is the best option available for you.

What is a Waspie Corset?

Though corsets come in different types and forms, often it may get difficult for you to identify one corset type from the other. When you talk about the waspie corset, it is majorly an underbust corset with a shorter torso. 

What are the major features that differentiate a waspie corset from that of other corsets?  

Usually, an underbust corset runs from the underbust till the hip. To be very clear, the hip is the junction where the torso meets your thighs where you are sitting. But in the case of a waspie corset, the corset runs just till the upper hip, that is, till the area just above the hip junction. 

If seen in terms of dimensions, the waspie corset's torso height is somewhere around 8 inches. But this measurement can be also lesser for many women. Of course, as different women have different dimensions, there can be different measurements for different women to get the perfect fit in the case of a waspie corset.

Benefits of Waspie Corset

A waspie corset brings in a lot of benefits. Here are some of them to focus upon.

●     Focus on Waist Training:

The waspie corset is just focused on the waist of the person. Hence, it can be said that if you are more concerned about your waist and torso, this the best option that you can have.

●      Comfortable for Women with Shorter Torso:

Suppose you have a shorter torso and you are wearing a corset with a torso height of 11 inches. In that case, it may rub with the wiring of your underpants and may make you uncomfortable. There are many instances where it may hurt you also. Hence, a waspie corset with a torso height of about 8 inches is a perfect one for women with a shorter torso.

●     Higher Mobility:

Often mobility is restricted in corsets. This is one of the major reasons why doing activities such as exercises and similar others is impossible when you are wearing a corset. But a waspie corset leaves a gap so that mobility gets possible. Hence, when you are wearing a waspie corset, you can indulge in different activities comfortably.

●     Comfortable:

Suppose you are planning to train your waist by wearing a corset throughout the day. Still, you have a history of not being comfortable with undergarments. In that case, this is again the best option. The waspie corset does not interrupt the folds of your body. It makes you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. Hence, this can offer you the art of waist training in the most comfortable way.

Waspie Corsets and Diversity

Though a waspie corset is mainly known for women with a shorter torso, it is useful for other women, too, now. Many women who do not have shorter torso even tend to get a waspie corset as they prefer to wear them as a waist training band or belt. 

As these corsets are shorter on the torso, they appear to be like a belt for women who do not have a shorter torso. So, if the purpose is simply about waist training, they prefer to wear this in place of other corsets. 

If you wish to wear a top through which you wish to reveal a bit of your waist, wearing the waspie corset again works great for you. It stays concealed within your short top, and you can easily flaunt your waist as well as your super-slim figure in a seductive dress that you are wearing. 

Different corset options have their own benefits and properties. Though waspie corsets are designed especially for the women who have a shorter torso, they have become beneficial for many other women. Due to their features, they have now become a favorite for different types of women different body types.

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