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Bespoke Corset: How To Measure Yourself For Perfect Wear Corset

January 28 2023

Bespoke Corset: How To Measure Yourself For Perfect Wear Corset

Bespoke Corset: How To Measure Yourself For Perfect Wear Corset

If you are at that age where you are looking to experiment with fashion and amazing styles, there is no doubt that you must have heard about corsets. Yes, these are some of the most popular garments that ladies tend to wear to shape their waists in the best way. Well, most women who search for a corset might find one according to their size at the store or online. But for skinny or plus-sized girls with an asymmetrical shape, finding the right size corsets can be a pain. So, there are bespoke corsets for them. Do you want to know what these are? Well, read on ahead to find out more. 

What Is a Bespoke Corset

A bespoke corset is a custom corset made specially according to the size requirements of the wearer. Say you have a few awkward sections in the body that you want to shape properly but cannot find the right corset size. Well, in that case, a custom-made corset plus size will be the right option to choose. You will not only get the size that you need, but you also don’t have to go through alterations. 

But when it comes to custom-made waist training corset, measurement is one of the most important things you need to take care of. Don’t worry about it because we will tell you how to do that. It is not as difficult as getting the measurements for any suit. It would be best if you kept some pointers in mind to ensure that the corset's measurement is done properly. 

Corset Measurement: What Should You Know? 

As we have mentioned before, measurements of corsets can take some time, but there is no need to worry about it. You will have to measure certain body sections correctly, and we will let you know about them. 

  • Measuring the Bust 

In case you want to get an overbust corset that has a full coverage option, the most important thing that you need to measure is the bust. These corsets are the ones that will go perfectly with any strapless dress that you might have but aren’t that confident enough to wear. An overbust corset will be the best option if you struggle with the size. 

To measure the bust, you might need to take someone’s help. It would be best if you stood by raising your hands and the level of the shoulders. Then the other person will take the tape from the back and bring it around the breast area. The exact measurement shown in the tape should be recorded. If you have no one to help, you take the measurement, stand in front of the mirror and measure the bust area in the same way. 

  • Measuring the Underbust 

Now that you have managed to measure the bust area, it is time to go for the Underbust. One needs to measure this area to get an Underbust corset. Compared to the overbust, the Underbust area is relatively easy to measure. The area where the abdomen starts and the breast ends is called the Underbust. You must stand in front of the mirror, take the tape while wrapping it around from the back, and then measure the section accurately. 

  • Measuring the Waist 

Many people need clarification with the waist measurements and need their readings corrected. The main goal is to get the right measurements to pick the best steel-boned corset to make your waist smaller. Make sure that you don’t choose the size that has the smallest torso area. It will not work. You might have difficulty getting the waist's correct diameter if you have a straight abdomen. That is why you need to make sure that you measure everything correctly.

The best thing to do is appropriately measure the waist using the right strategy. Bend to the side and then check the areas where folding occurs. Mark those areas, and then place the measuring tape at these points to take your measurement correctly. 

  • Measuring The Hip 

Now just like the waist, it might be tough to measure the hip in the best way if you don’t use the right strategy. While you might have the right proportion or a heavier hip, selecting the area you need to measure can be challenging. So, you can look for the creases of the leg and find the part where the torso ends. Bend to the side and then look for the second crease that forms beneath the waist fold. This is the area that you need to measure. If you follow these steps, you will surely get the right hip measurement for your waist-reducing corset.

  • Measuring the Torso Length 

When trying to take measurements for the best bespoke corset dresses, the torso length is an important measurement you need to take care of. This measurement decides whether you will be comfortable in the corset or not. To take the measurement, you must sit straight in the correct posture. Keep the back straight, and then measure the length from the crease of the Underbust to the folding of the body just above your legs. That will be the length of your torso. 

Wrapping Up 

There you go, ladies. These tips can teach you how to get the right measurements for selecting amazing custom-made waist cinchers. Make sure you look at the awesome corset designs at Bunny Corset. We are sure you will find some of the unique designs here. Go ahead and check out the website now and make your pick. 


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