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Are You Getting Confused between Corsets and Lingerie?

January 28 2022

Are You Getting Confused between Corsets and Lingerie?

Are You Getting Confused between Corsets and Lingerie?

When corsets were first introduced to women, they were mostly for wearing under the apparel. This trend only has put them in the category of undergarments. But undergarments do not just mean lingerie. There can be several options, such as spaghetti tops that you wear under a think top. 

Moreover, these ancient corsets were not much designer but were highly functional. Women wore them to get that perfect waist and to flaunt their figure in the dresses that they wore. It is just the recent times when brands such as Bunny Corset have come up with corsets that can be flaunted out by wearing them over the attire you are wearing. 

Coming back to history, it was somewhere around the Victorian Times when women started thinking of coming out of their cocoons. They thought of modifying the corsets and flaunt them. The first change that was seen was in the change of the fabric used for the manufacturing of the corsets. Initially, just plain cotton fabric was replaced by other stylish options such as satin and embellishments. 

When the corsets got re-introduced in the modern world after centuries, many misconceptions came back. Some so many women started thinking that the corsets are some lingerie options to flaunt. Women took these corsets for sizzling up special nights. 

But are corsets lingerie? 

Here are some of the explanations to clear out such confusion.

Corsets as Outerwear:

When a change came up in the corsetry trend during the Victorian Age, the trend of wearing corsets over attires became famous. Women started wearing underbust corsets over their long flowing gowns and efficiently flaunted their small waist and the style that the corset has been offering. As the trend enhanced over time, women started wearing Overbust corsets over shirts that were modestly paired up with trousers.


When the corsets made a comeback in the modern world, many celebrities embraced wearing corsets over their clothing. The onset of fashion corsetry made this trend even more popular. While the actual waist training corsets had the option of stealthing too, the fashion corsets were specifically designed to wear over an attire. Matching the right corsets with the right attire is the only thing to do. You can explore such corsets from the wide range of options available at Bunny Corset.


The Fun Corsets:

Earlier, just the fashion corsets were designed with embellishments and other elements to make them look stunning. But soon came the trend when the waist training corsets also started getting revamped. When various lingerie and fashion brands came into the business of manufacturing corsets along with their regular products, a lot of changes came up in the waist training corsets too. Of course, brands dedicated to manufacturing corsets also adopted such styles and started experimenting with different options.


If you check out the options such as Bunny Corset, you can come across several fun corset options such as holographic corsets, corsets designed with laces and frills, and others. Of course, you will not be hiding such corsets under your clothing. Apart from such corset options, Bunny Corset also comes up with many more styles such as corsets with halter necks, corsets with cold shoulder, corsets with shrugs, and many others.


Even different patterns started coming up, such as the sweetheart neckline overbust corsets that you will wish to flaunt with a pearl necklace around your neck. Check out Bunny Corset, and you will be amazed at the options that you can avail of.

Respecting Options:

So, the above points must have surely cleared out the confusion that corsets are not lingerie. But this does not mean at all that you cannot wear the corset under your apparel. There is a range of corsets that are specially designed for stealthing. There can be several times when wearing a corset over the attire is not possible. In such a case, it is always a proper idea to wear the corsets underneath your dress. Also, many women prefer to wear an overbust corset in place of wearing a bra as it is more supportive and comfortable. 


So, it is an individual choice whether you wish to stealth with the corset or wish to wear it over the dress you are wearing. Brands respect the choices of the individuals and hence manufacture corsets that are for stealthing and wear outside.


You are thinking of where you can get such corsets? Bunny Corset is an instant answer to this. The site offers corsets of diverse styles and designs that are manufactured of different fabric options. You can select the right option depending upon the choice that you have made.

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